The new musical project “Two Worlds” is an amazing experiment of combining the instruments from two different and never meeting worlds. The monumental spiritual and powerful church organ voice (Maria Neishtadt) speaks with jazz saxophone (Lenny Sendersky) .Their dialog is surprisingly mutually enriching and harmonic  due to an amazing soprano voice (Olga Senderskaya), connecting these two worlds. 
The project was born in Jerusalem and the music reflects its born place. Both: music and Jerualem are living two lifes simultaneously – a mystique antique life and an energetic modern life. This unbelievable  mix generates unique magical atmosphere of the “Two worlds” project. 

Organ, Saxophone, Voice  

Lenny Sendersky  -    Saxophone soprano (composer)  
Maria Neishtadt    -   Organ  
Olga Senderskaya  -  Soprano Voice