"Wait Until Now". It is a unique blend of ambient jazz, cinematic music, and Middle Eastern sounds, making it a very special project. We have also made a few videos for the album, which you can check out on YouTube via these links: "Wait Until Now" • 

Gershon Waiserfirer - Electric oud / effects 
 Lenny Sendersky - saxophones/flute/effects 


pic by Vitaliy Wiazovski

 Gershon Weiserfirer is an Israeli multi-instrumentalist and composer. 
  Active participant in the Israeli music scene in almost all genres, from traditional Jewish music to improvisational music. 
 An actor by training, he regularly composes music for film and theater and has been awarded the Israel Theater Music Prize. 
  Gershon Weiserfirer has shared the stage with music legends such as Bobby McFerrin, Vyacheslav Ganelin, Avishai Cohen and Israeli rock legend 
 Berry Saharoff 

   Lenny Sendersky - saxophone, started his international career living and performing in Denmark for two years.  In 2011, he immigrated to Israel (from St. Petersburg), where he established himself on the jazz scene, performing and successfully producing projects with the participation of Israeli, American and European jazz performers.He shared stage and recorded with Carmen Souza & Theo Pascal, Randy Brecker, Tony Romano, Joe Locke … 


pic by Vitaliy Wiazovski

Gershon and Lenny met several years ago at a joint concert with the legendary Slava Ganelin. 
  At the duet concert, Gershon and Lenny use a wide palette of musical means from minimalistic lyrics to bright, sometimes ROCK texture.  And all sorts of electronic effects give the listener the feeling of a large composition on stage.  Musicians create a musical canvas in which there are many genres from jazz to rock and folk.